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9 ways people have asked for a free drink

We hear some weird things in bars and sometimes people try and blag a free drink with strange requests and weird compliments. Remember if the bartender doesn't like you he/she may give you something horrible if you don't specify. (We give away Wray and Nephew 75% rum if you're annoying us).

These are some of the best ways guests have asked for a free drink in the last MONTH.  if you can come up with betters ones you may just blag yourself that drink.

  1. It was my birthday last week
  2. Its my friends birthday today
  3. Oh come on it's Christmas (it was the 26th November)
  4. I been dared to get a free drink off my friends. Can I have one?
  5. That last free shot wasn't very nice. Can I have another one to make up for it?
  6. I've cut my finger. Another shot will help
  7. Is Jaegermeister medicine for adults?
  8. You look nice. You could be a snowman.
  9. My friend looks like Postman Pat can he have a free drink?
Not the actual postman pat

Not the actual postman pat